About the Fat Girl

My name is Anna. I am 27 years old and live in New York, of the United States. I have an eating disorder. I have had one since I am 16 (symptomatically, though the signs began far earlier). I don’t label my disorder, because it evolves and changes shapes, I go back and forth between anorexia and bulimia, never quite fitting into one category, diagnostically speaking. I think about being thin every hour of every day, from the minute I wake up to the minute I fall asleep. I have decided to share my battle with ED in hopes of finding some mental sanctity. This is NOT pro ana nor pro mia. If you are reading in hopes of picking up new habits, I request you leave. I do not want to promote this lifestyle, as it is the single worst thing I’ve ever gotten myself into. I am not this way by choice. I am stuck here, as are many people, and I am here to share and offer comradery to those who feel similar. Please feel free to leave comments or email me, at anna_stone48@yahoo.com.


We are here, in this community, to help one another, support one another, and be there for one another.  Please follow, comment, and share. Anonymity is also very important to me, as these are details of my life that I obviously could not share openly. If you think you know/recognize me, please be respectful, understand I only have this blog for a private support group (No health insurance = no therapy, no institutions, no psychiatrists), and this is all I have, so please find it in your heart not to expose my blog. 


HW: 206lbs
LW: 95lbs
CW: 112lbs
GW: 110lbs (Maintained)

In addition to being racked and consumed with thoughts of weight and food, I also:
Love my cats, my boyfriend, and our wonderful home together.
Listen to music like it’s the answer to life.
I love tattoos.
I draw, I sing, and I dance when nobody’s around.
I was vegan, gave it up for recovery, and am now not sure on whether to go back or not.
I love animals. I want to work on a farm.

tumblr_lukqpf5ClF1qjnw0co1_500 388818_562367613797897_902307522_n

Welcome All, and thank you for reading ❤


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